Top 10 Gold IRA Companies

You believe us when we say the writing is on the wall. You understand that it’s time to limit your exposure to the US dollar because the evidence is clear. You’ve made up your mind and know in your heart that gold IRA investing is the safest way to preserve capital and protect your retirement.

You see that inflation is running rampant and the bubble is going to burst. When it happens, the cost of living skyrockets and chaos ensues. Owning physical precious metals is the only valid hedge against the inevitable.

Now it’s time to either initiate a gold IRA rollover from your existing retirement plan or start a brand new precious metals IRA from scratch. But first you need to discover a good precious metals IRA company. And at the same time, you’d also benefit from learning about the potential scammers and fraudsters in the industry too.

Important Note for 401k’s: any 401k with a previous employer automatically qualifies for a rollover or a transfer to a gold IRA with no age restrictions. However, you must be over 59 years old if you want to rollover or transfer the funds from your 401k to a gold IRA with your current employer.

With that said, we’ll go over the top 10 gold IRA companies and other pertinent information below.

Discover the Top Gold IRA Company Using 7 Critical Factors

We’ve decided to do the heavy lifting and analyze the current gold IRA company landscape for our readers. We’ve ranked these companies based on seven critical factors that we’ve explained in detail.

1. Online Peer-Reviewed Ratings

When determining the best gold IRA custodian to meet your needs, finding a solid peer-reviewed company is a major priority. The Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) and Trustlink are authorities at evaluating and appraising businesses.

These websites will tell you whether or not a gold IRA company is accredited. They’ll tell you if they’ve received none, a few, or many complaints through the years. They will also provide each company with a rating based on their ratings system.

Side note: our most recommended custodian has received top marks from all three business evaluating websites listed above.

2. Types of Precious Metals: Coins and Bullion

As part of your precious metals IRA, you’re allowed to purchase IRA-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Not every coin or piece of bullion will be accepted into your gold IRA though. Some gold IRA companies sell precious metals that don’t qualify, so be careful.

Our top recommendation offers a wide range of IRA approved precious metals.

3. Precious Metals Buyback Program

Before choosing a gold IRA company to do business with, you should determine if they have a buyback program in place. It’s possible that you’ll need to sell some of your gold and silver quickly.

Questions to consider:

  • Will your precious metals IRA custodian buy it from you?
  • Will they give you full value for your precious metals?

Our one and only recommendation has a buyback program in place. In fact, you can sell back your precious metals 24/7 any day of the year. Even better, you’ll receive the proceeds within 24 hours of the sale.

4. Stockpiling: Your Options and Fees

You can stockpile precious metals two different ways:

  • Segregated stockpiling – this is our recommendation of choice. Using this method, you can purchase precious metals bullion and coins (IRA-approved) and store them separately in a dedicated vault.
  • Co-mingled stockpiling – we do not recommend this option. By choosing this stockpiling method, your precious metals will be stored in a single vault shared with other gold IRA investors. Separate records are kept to distinguish each individual investment.

On average, the majority of precious metals IRA custodians charge a $325 per year stockpiling fee. But you’d benefit from working with a company offering an option for segregated stockpiling.

Our favorite gold IRA custodian helps investors save money. Not only do they provide segregated stockpiling, but it only costs $110 per year. This is the lowest price in the industry. Even better, you’ll only be paying this fee from the second year forward because they waive all of the client’s first year’s fees.

5. IRA Fees

Initiating a gold IRA rollover or opening a brand-new account will eventually lead to yearly fees. After you purchase precious metals, you’ll need to pay an administration fee and a stockpiling fee each year.

Please choose a custodian with a flat rate administration fee. Some unscrupulous gold IRA custodians charge fees based on a sliding scale system. The more valuable yout account, the higher and more expensive the administration fees.

Do you intend to invest $50,000 or more for the long-term? You’re particularly vulnerable to paying overpriced administration fees for the long-term unless you avoid paying on a sliding scale.

Our favorite recommendation does things differently. Some key points to keep in mind include:

  • Brand new account holders’ setup, delivery, administration and storage fees are waived during the first year so you pay absolutely nothing.
  • Most other precious metals IRA companies initially charge $700 for all these fees during the first year.
  • The #1 company charges an administration fee equaling $80 per year from the second year forward. This is the lowest yearly administration fee in the industry.
  • Combined with their stockpiling fee, an account holder only pays $190 per year for both services from the second year forward. No other company in the industry offers such low yearly fees, separately or in total.

6. Efficient Service and Delivery Time Satisfaction (or Lack Thereof)

Some customers have had less than stellar experiences as far as account setup efficiency and delivery times are concerned. In fact, many stated that it’s taken more than 60 days to have their records set up. They’ve also made the same claims for having their gold and other precious metals conveyed to certain gold IRA custodians. As you can imagine, this is unacceptable in this day and age.

Our favorite recommendation works quickly and efficiently. Your records will be completed in 24 hours and they promise depository delivery within seven days.

7. Poor Customer Support & Pushy Salesman

More than a few custodians handling gold IRA transfers and conversions have dropped the ball with their customer support. They often fail to answer questions and alleviate concerns which can be a major problem.

On the other hand, they attempt to sell numismatic coins and collectibles because they carry a higher price tag. They do not care about your well-being and mainly hope to make a much bigger commission.

As an investor, you should not focus on collectibles. You cannot add them to your precious metals IRA according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Examining the Top 10 in Greater Detail

We’ve scoured the entire industry looking for the best gold IRA companies in the nation. Today we’d like to compare them based on premium criteria. Take a moment to look over our list of companies if you intend to buy gold IRA anytime soon.

Top 10 Gold IRA Companies

1) Regal Assets (Read Full Review)

2) Goldco (Read Full Review)

3) Birch Gold (Read Full Review)

4) Augusta Precious Metals (Read Full Review)

5) Goldsilver (Read Full Review)

6) Cornerstone Bullion (Read Full Review)

7) Advantage Gold (Read Full Review)

8) APMEX (Read Full Review)

9) Monex (Read Full Review)

10) California Numismatic Metals (Read Full Review)

Regal Assets: The #1 Gold IRA Company of 2020

Are you ready to grab the bull by the horns and begin gold IRA investing? Instead of risking your retirement future on untrustworthy scammers and fraudsters, we recommend our top pick: Regal Assets (Read Full Review).

Take a look at the top 10 list again. You’ll see that they far exceeded all expectations and beat every other precious metals IRA company hands-down.

Champion of the Seven Critical Factors

To break it down even further, they are our #1 recommendation for the following reasons:

  1. The company has the highest ratings. In fact, their record is spotless. This gold IRA custodian hasn’t received a single complaint from any past or current customers on the BBB, BCA, or Trustlink websites.
  2. They sell the right precious metals for IRA investing. The company isn’t focused on selling collectibles or numismatic coins. They deal only in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bullion with IRA approval.
  3. They offer a buyback program. If a client needs to sell back precious metals for any reason, they can do so 24/7 all year. They’ll receive the proceeds of the sale within 24 hours.
  4. They have the best stockpiling options. Compared to other companies, they are the best because they offer the lowest-cost (flat yearly fee of $110) segregated stockpiling in the industry.
  5. They have the best fee structure. With other gold IRA companies, you could spend as much as $700 the first year with all the setup, delivery, storage and administration fees. Regal Assets only charges a total of $190 in fees ($80 administration fee + $110 stockpiling fee) from the second year forward and ALL of your first year’s fees are waived.
  6. Their efficiency and delivery time is spot on. All records are completed within 24 hours. All precious metals depository deliveries are completed within seven days.
  7. They have impeccable customer service. Their staff really cares about their customers. They will answer your questions, alleviate your concerns, and help you every way that they can.

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