Investors today fear the worst and rightfully so. There’s so much economic and political turmoil in the United States and the rest of world. President Trump was impeached and narrowly escaped being removed from office.

The Democrats are hell-bent on undermining his entire presidency. Love them or hate him, this division between Republicans and Democrats is creating major problems for the US on the whole.

What does this mean for the US dollar? What does this mean for your retirement portfolio? If the problems keep up – and there’s no signs of stopping – America can and will face a serious crisis. Are you prepared for the worst?

Some investors realize that it’s time to limit their exposure to the US dollar. They recognize the value of investing in gold. But they also have uncertainty. They wonder, “Are gold IRAs safe?”

There’s only one way to answer this question. And that is with the truth. Whether you know it or not, your gold IRA account just might save you from complete financial ruin. This is especially true if the worst happens and the US winds up in a serious crisis situation.

To answer the question, “Are gold IRAs safe,” we’ll share numerous reasons why we feel this is an excellent option. But a simple caveat remains. Even though gold IRAs are safe, it’s imperative to choose the best gold company to do business with. 

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Acquiring Real Wealth vs. Paper Wealth

In 1933, the United States unfortunately abandoned the gold standard. Since then, any accumulation of wealth with paper money is basically just fiction. 

Sure, the US dollar has value as a fiat currency. But if the rest of the world ever loses their faith in the United States, the dollar ultimately becomes valueless. 

The value is based on the good faith of the United States. Unless your head is buried in the sand, you see that the US isn’t too popular on the world stage. In fact, superpowers like China and Russia are moving further away from the US financial system.

So the trust and faith in the United States is dwindling. The US dollar loses value every day. Countries that were once heavily invested in the United States are backing off. And the massive division in our government is a huge part of this.

All hope isn’t lost as far as your personal wealth is concerned. You can salvage everything if you’re willing to invest in a gold IRA to protect your retirement.

You see, gold is the most valued precious metal on the earth. Civilizations have been using it as legal tender for thousands of years. And it’s acceptable in countries all over the globe.

Imagine the worst happening. Imagine needing to get access to your money fast. You can get your hands on the gold stored in your segregated vault whenever it’s needed. But in a crisis scenario, your dollar bills and other paper assets are virtually worthless.

Keep this in mind as you decide the best course of action to protect your financial future. You may have a positive outlook, but your money isn’t safe right now. It’ll be much safer once you begin investing in a gold IRA for your retirement.

Current Threats to Your Retirement Portfolio

The common theme we’d like to get across is that your current retirement portfolio isn’t safe. It’s under attack and you might not even know it. But make no mistake… The US is facing a major time of crisis. And if you aren’t careful, you could end up losing everything you and your loved ones of worked so hard to acquire.

The major threats to your retirement portfolio include:

  • The 5 biggest US banks are even bigger after the financial crisis. There are five major financial institutions in the United States. And before the housing and financial crisis, these institutions were buying up the competition left and right. Once the financial collapse loomed overhead, regulators and legislators gave these banks carte blanche to do whatever they wanted. And wouldn’t you know it… They made moves with 0% interest government loans to become even bigger. Remember, these banks were too big to fail in 2008. They are bigger now and if they were ever to fail, it would create mayhem and catastrophe across the globe. The world would experience an economic meltdown like nothing ever seen before. This does not bode well for you, your loved ones, or anyone else for that matter.
  • The FDIC isn’t prepared for another major banking crisis. In fact, according to the latest report from the FDIC, they do not have enough reserves. They aren’t fully equipped to handle covering the US bank deposits for even five years. In fact, they revealed that they are only capable of covering 1% of US deposits. That means that they can cover $1 out of every $100. If the collapse were to happen, the FDIC would give you one dollar for every 100 lost. You’d literally go broke overnight if you aren’t protected. That’s why owning physical gold is such a valuable and necessary commodity.

Even More Trouble for Your Retirement Portfolio

If the threats mentioned above aren’t enough, there are even more reasons to fear an impending economic crisis. Some other potential areas that could be devastating to the United States include:

  • US interest rates are abnormally low. This means the Federal Reserve doesn’t have any room left to cut rates further. Or to put it more clearly, their room to cut interest rates is minimal at best. What does this mean for the US economy? It means that when the next crisis hits, the Fed won’t be able to reduce rates further. They’ll have no way to stimulate the United States economy. And as you can imagine, without this additional stimulus the world will plunge into economic turmoil. The only way to remain protected is to invest in gold and other physical precious metals that possess real-world value.
  • Market volatility is at an all-time high. Donald Trump’s election as US president has placed fear in the US economy. These markets are more volatile than ever because so many people believe that Trump isn’t untrustworthy. So far he hasn’t done anything to hurt the economy. But Democrats and other US citizens remain fearful nonetheless. And this fear permeates throughout the rest of the world. Brexit is causing major market volatility throughout Europe as well. Now that Britain is on the verge of leaving the EU, there is tremendous fear about the future. These two instances are creating major volatility and chaos in the financial markets around the world. Again, the best way to remain protected is to limit your exposure to the US dollar or other fiat currencies. Instead, invest heavily in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to remain safe.
  • It isn’t necessarily safe to keep your money with American banks. This should come as a shock to many but it’s the absolute truth. Global Finance magazine lists the top 50 safest banks around the world every year. Guess where the major US banks land on this list? Well, only five banks made the list. Even worse, the top US Bank is in 39th place out of 50. That doesn’t bode well for the United States financial industry. And it proves that most countries around the world feel that the US is incredibly untrustworthy.

Protect Your Wealth by Opening a Gold IRA

Things are undeniably strange at this stage in history. The safest way to preserve your wealth is limiting exposure to fiat currencies like the US dollar or UK pound. And the ideal way to limit this exposure is with a gold IRA.

After opening this account, you can continue to accumulate physical gold in your portfolio. As the financial crisis gets worse, your gold will become more and more valuable. So not only are you protecting your wealth you are also growing it as well. This is a win-win scenario for everyone smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

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