Noble Gold Is 6th Place in Our List of Top 10 Gold IRA Companies:

Adding precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to your retirement portfolio is an excellent idea. This style of investing provides huge benefits as you already know since you are interested in working with Noble Gold.

In fact, this exciting company has received high praise and accolades in the industry. This is true even though they only officially opened their doors five years ago in 2017.

Customers can expect the following when working with Noble Gold:

  • Fast and easy sign-up process
  • Phenomenal customer service
  • Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating
  • Very few complaints on peer-reviewed websites
  • Low minimum investment
  • Some of the lowest annual fees in the industry
  • Consistent customer satisfaction
  • Best online education for new investors

At this stage, you undoubtedly recognize the value of working with Noble Gold to begin your precious metals investing journey. They have a great staff filled with knowledgeable sales reps and customer service people. They sell top-of-the-line gold IRA products. And they offer a FREE Gold and Silver Guide to complete your investing education.

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An Introduction to Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold is a gold and silver IRA company offering full-service precious metals investments. The company is headquartered in Pasadena, CA. It was first created by two financial specialists that also happen to be friends. 

The company president and CEO, and overall good guy and captain of the ship, is named Collin Plume.

This organization has a very specific Mission. According to their website, “we aim to give our clients a safe and easy way to buy precious metals, offering friendliness, honesty and an in-depth understanding of how to increase investment value for them.”

And they have an even more exciting Vision. According to their Vision, they state that “Noble Gold is based on ensuring our clients’ wealth preservation. That’s why we educate them on what precious metals are and how they can benefit from them now and for many years to come.”

This company really understands the value of tangible assets. They recognize the need for them in a rocky and difficult economy. In fact, they believe that financial success begins with precious metals at the foundation of every good financial plan.

Collin Plume – President and CEO

The founder, President, and CEO of Noble Gold is an avid entrepreneur and successful investor. He has spent the past 15 years in the precious metals, commercial real estate, and property insurance industries. He understands economics, finance, and the best ways to preserve and grow your wealth.

For many years, he provided industrial properties with insurance. He recognized that it was important to provide his clients with monetary protection. And during the last recession, he did a great job helping investors protect and guard their wealth. His investing strategies help his real estate clients avoid suffering from financial ruin during the housing market crash.

After extensively researching recessions, he decided to enter the precious metal space by joining a firm. He instantly became one of the biggest brokers in the United States. He made more than $28 million in sales in one calendar year.

Collin Plume enjoys playing basketball, board games, and hiking with family, friends, and his wife in the San Fernando Valley.

How Noble Gold Stacks Up In Our 7 Critical Factors Test

I created a system for measuring each precious metals IRA company that I’m interested in learning about. I call it the 7 Critical Factors Test.

As part of this test, I will evaluate Noble Gold the same way I’ve evaluated dozens of other companies over the years. I will share the results with you below.

While performing the evaluation, I will look at Noble Gold under a microscope and focus on these critical factors:

  • online peer-reviewed ratings
  • types of precious metals: common & premium bullion coins and rounds
  • precious metals buyback program
  • stockpiling
  • IRA fees
  • account setup & delivery
  • customer support & salesmanship

Want to find out how well Noble Gold measures up? Keep reading to learn the answer. Or sign up for their FREE Gold and Silver Guide by clicking here.

1. Online Peer-Reviewed Ratings

It brings me great pleasure to learn that Noble Gold is looked upon as an excellent precious metals company. Online peer-reviewed websites have given this organization great ratings. And their readers have shared many excellent reviews and very few complaints, if any.

Some of Noble Gold’s biggest highlights include:

  • AA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. This is a near-perfect rating and one the organization should be very proud of.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is the highest rating the BBB is willing to give a company. It’s a great honor to receive a perfect rating from such a highly-respected group.
  • Less than 5 complaints on the BBB and BCA combined. Each of their minuscule complaints happened within the past three years. And every one of these complaints was resolved satisfactorily to meet their client’s approval.

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2. Types of Precious Metals: Bullion Bars and Coins

At Noble Gold, investors have the chance to purchase palladium, silver, platinum, and gold investments. Their most popular IRS-approved metals include the following:

  • Australian Gold Kangaroo coins
  • PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna gold bars
  • PAMP Suisse 100 Gram Gold bar
  • American Gold Eagle Proof coins
  • America the Beautiful Silver coins
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins
  • Highland Mint Silver bars
  • American Eagle Platinum coins
  • Baird & Co. Platinum bars
  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coins
  • Credit Suisse Palladium bars

3. Precious Metals Buyback Program

Like many precious metals companies, Noble Gold has a buyback program in place for its customers. They call it their no-qualms buyback program.

According to their website, “When circumstances or goals change, we offer a buyback program to help you align your priorities. No questions asked.”

Unfortunately, they do not provide any of the specifics about the program itself. Your best bet is to contact a customer representative first. Find out more about the buyback program prior to doing business with them. 

More than likely, they’ll buy back precious metals at the going rate. The top companies like Noble Gold typically do not charge additional fees when repurchasing precious metals from their customers.

4. Stockpiling

Noble Gold makes it possible for their customers to easily store or stockpile their investments in a qualified depository. In fact, they currently have a strong working relationship in Texas and Delaware with International Depository Services (IDS). 

Their investor accounts consist of two storage options. They provide standard storage, which is also known as co-mingled storage. And they also offer segregated storage, which keeps your precious metals safely stored in a dedicated vault.

5. IRA Fees

According to Noble Gold, they claim to offer some of the lowest one-time and yearly fees in the industry. Their fee structure is as follows:

  • Minimum investment – $2000 (currently the lowest minimum investment from a top-tier precious metals IRA company)
  • Annual storage fee (segregated) – $150 per year
  • Annual storage fee (standard/co-mingled) – $100 per year
  • Annual service fee – $80 per year
  • No setup fees

Are you ready to begin investing with Noble Gold? Find out more about their gold and silver IRAs. You can get useful information by signing up to receive their FREE Gold and Silver Guide.

6. Account Setup & Delivery

It’s easier than ever to open up a new account with Noble Gold. Visit their website online and go to their page labeled Get Started. 

From here, you’ll be taken to their account setup form. It’s one of the easiest forms that you’ll ever fill out. In fact, based on timing their previous customers, it typically takes around seven minutes to fill out the form in its entirety.

Or if you prefer, you can always call one of their customer service representatives. They’ll help you fill out the online form over the phone.

According to Noble Gold regarding delivery, “Noble Express is the precious metals home delivery service. We will ship, to your door, a plane wrapped, Royal Survival Pack. This will be forwarded discreetly and quietly, to an address of your choosing, within 5 days of purchase.”

7. Customer Support & Salesmanship

I have honestly heard nothing but praise for Noble Gold regarding customer service and salesmanship. Their team of experts are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful in all regards.

One of their team members named Paul impressed a customer so much that he called him the “Best of the best!”

And their sales team is made up of some of the best people in the world. They never try to push you into investing in ways that aren’t conducive to your strategy. They respect their customers and honor their wishes every single step of the way, which is remarkable.

Noble Gold Contact Details

  • Address: 1 S Fair Oaks Ave Suite 200-A, Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Phone: (877) 646-5437
  • Email:
  • Website: