Regal Assets Is 4th Place in Our List of Top 10 Gold IRA Companies!

Regal Assets is an online precious metals company based out of Beverly Hills, CA. After 15 years of impeccable financial services, I consider them one of my favorite companies in the industry.

Out of the best gold IRA companies, Regal Assets stand out for a few very distinct reasons. They include:

  • They have a phenomenal selection, which makes them the Best For Widest Variety Of Options
  • They avoid selling numismatics and collectible coins, which makes them the Best for Investing in Strictly Bullion Bars and Coins
  • They sell a diversity of products through Regal Assets and Regal Wallet. IRA account holders working with either company can invest in cryptocurrencies and precious metals in the same IRA. It all falls under the same name called Regal IRA. Investors can purchase all of these alternative investments within the same account.

Besides the ease and convenience of investing in multiple assets in one IRA account, Regal Assets excels in other ways. There biggest claims to fame include:

  • They became an official member of the Forbes Council in 2018
  • Inc. Magazine rated them #20 in the US for financial services
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars on online peer-reviewed watchdog website Birdeye; more than 1000+ 5-star reviews based on 1760 reviews
  • Recognized as an industry leader in publications including Forbes, Smart Money, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, MarketWatch, and
  • Retirement account transfers in the hundreds of millions of dollars
  • 13 years in the industry and counting

After reading all of these tremendous accolades, I had to put Regal Assets to the 7 Critical Factors test. It’s my pleasure to tell you that Regal Assets more than passed the test. They completely blew away my expectations!

Right now, I’d like to tell you more about Regal IRA in greater detail. Afterward, I’ll tell you how they measured up in the 7 Critical Factors test and share other pertinent details too.

Regal IRA: A Complete Game Changer For Retirement-Focused Alternative Asset Investors

With years of experience and high praise in finance, it wasn’t surprising to learn that Regal Assets changed the game. And it turns out that they changed the game in a big way.

How so? 

By creating a Regal IRA, Tyler Gallagher and company created the 1st Alternative Assets IRA in existence today.

What does this mean for investors? 

It means IRA investors can purchase hard assets like precious metals and digital assets including cryptocurrencies in the same account.

This is a serious game changer whether you know it or not.

In the past, if you wanted to invest in precious metals for retirement, you had to open a precious metals IRA. Other names include a gold IRA, silver IRA, platinum IRA, or palladium IRA. But they are ultimately the same type of account.

On the other hand:

If you wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you had to open a separate cryptocurrency IRA.

Having too many accounts can get confusing. It can also become very time-consuming managing all of these different accounts.

Regal Assets simplified the process by putting everything all under the same Alternative Assets IRA account. And they aptly named it Regal IRA.

Regal IRA Supported Assets

  • Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and Zcash
  • Gold investments including American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Australian Kangaroo/Nugget coins, Austrian Philharmonic coins, uncirculated US Buffalo coins, Credit Suisse Gold Bars, and other bars and rounds
  • Silver investments including American Eagle coins, Australian Kookaburra coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Austrian Philharmonic coins, Mexican Libertad coins, and various approved rounds and bars
  • Platinum investments including Isle of Man Noble coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Australian Koala coins, American Eagle coins, and IRA-approved bars and rounds
  • Palladium investments including various IRA approved rounds and bars

Remember, Regal Assets is focused on helping retirement account IRA investors protect and grow their wealth for retirement. They do not sell numismatics or collectible coins whatsoever. They strictly sell premium coins and bullion and nothing more.

The 7 Critical Factors Test: Regal Assets Edition

Let’s look at Regal Assets and how they measure up in the 7 Critical Factors test, shall we? I specifically created this test to evaluate companies that offer precious metals IRAs. I wanted to have a uniform way to measure each company’s success in the industry.

As you undoubtedly know, some precious metals brokers are better than others. Are you ready to see how Regal Assets did in the 7 Critical Factors test?

The factors that I used for my evaluation include:

  • online peer-reviewed ratings
  • types of precious metals: coins, bars, and rounds
  • precious metals buyback program
  • stockpiling
  • IRA fees
  • account setup & delivery
  • customer support & salesmanship

Regal Assets is one of the best in the business. Which is why I consider them one of my favorite gold IRA companies. Here’s how they stack up:

1. Online Peer-Reviewed Ratings

Regal Assets has done a wonderful job creating a great reputation for themselves in the precious metals business. In fact, consumers on the business consumer alliance, Better Business Bureau, and Trustlink websites would agree.

On these sites, they’ve received a few complaints, but ultimately, they’ve resolved any issues and they’ve received many positive reviews.

Here’s a quick list of some of the positive things you’ll read about Regal Assets over and over again:

  • Impeccable customer service – Regal Assets customers are always happy because of the amazing experiences they have with customer service. They get their questions answered quickly and accurately in a timely manner.
  • Proper salesmanship – many online gold companies have pushy salespeople trying to make a fast buck. Regal Assets is about connecting their customers with the best precious metals investments possible. They do not push anyone into buying high-priced products unless it’s requested.
  • Great education – many customers love Regal Assets website because it provides phenomenal educational material. Not only do they post educational information on their website, they provide free educational material as well. Click here to sign up for their FREE investors kit.

2. Types of Precious Metals: Coins and Bullion

This is where Regal Assets really shines for precious metals IRA account holders. They focus strictly on selling premium investments and bullion. They shy away from collectible coins and numismatics like the plague, because they aren’t allowed in a gold IRA.

Even more important, Regal Assets gives their customers the ability to invest in all 4 precious metals. Some companies only sell gold and silver. Not Regal Assets! They offer a wide array of premium gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investment products.

Top gold IRA products include:

  • American Eagle Gold coins
  • American Buffalo Gold coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coins
  • Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Gold coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold coins
  • Credit Suisse Gold bars
  • An assortment of other gold rounds and bars

Top silver IRA products include:

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coins
  • Australian Kookaburra Silver coins
  • Mexican Libertad Silver coins
  • American Eagle Silver coins
  • An assortment of other silver bars and rounds

Top platinum IRA products include:

  • American Eagle platinum coins
  • Isle of Man Noble platinum coins
  • Australian Koala platinum coins
  • Canadian Maple leaf platinum coins
  • An assortment of IRA-approved platinum bars and rounds

Top palladium IRA products include:

  • An assortment of palladium IRA-approved rounds and bars

REMINDER: Regal Assets strictly sells coins and bullion. They DO NOT sell numismatics.

3. Precious Metals Buyback Program

Regal Assets does everything possible to provide every advantage to their client base. One major advantage is their willingness to repurchase precious metals from their customers.

Their buyback program is very easy to use and convenient for customers. They can sell their precious metals back to regal assets at the current going rate. After the metals are shipped to Regal Assets from the depository, they’ll pay for the metals within 24 hours.

Lastly, Regal Assets wants their customers to know something incredibly important. They will not charge any additional fees to repurchase precious metals.

Contact a customer service representative if you have any questions or concerns.

The organization ranked #20 in the U.S. by the celebrated INC 500 in the monetary administrations class which was accordingly highlighted on the lofty Reuters Sign on Times Square.

4. Stockpiling

It’s easier than ever for Regal Assets customers to stockpile precious metals at an approved depository. They have excellent working relationships with security companies including Brinks Global Services and New Direction IRA.

Unlike other precious metals IRA companies, Regal Assets only provides segregated storage to their customers. They feel that co-mingled storage is an inferior option. They want their customers to keep their precious metals safely protected in a segregated vault all their own.

5. IRA Fees

Regal Assets Is one of the best precious metals companies in the industry. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that they have low fees.

Their fee structure breaks down as follows:

  • Total yearly fees – $250 (includes storage and administration fees)
  • Low barrier to entry – $10,000 minimum investment
  • No-cost IRA rollovers from existing IRAs
  • IRA account setup fee – $0
  • Account maintenance fees – $0
  • Annual administration fee – $100 per year

6. Account Setup & Delivery

This company really goes out of their way to provide an excellent experience for customers during the account setup process. They want their customers to have the opportunity to get started with investing right away. So, their goal is to set up the account as quickly as possible. In many instances, they can have an account set up within 24 hours, as long as there aren’t any unforeseen circumstances.

Regal Assets is also known for fast shipping. They ship customer products to the depository within seven days or less. Many other companies in the industry take weeks to ship products, but not Regal Assets.

7. Customer Support & Salesmanship

The Regal Assets customer support team has received many accolades throughout the years. Customer service staff members Jannette and Christian regularly receive high praise. They are professional, courteous, and incredibly helpful to each and every one of the customers that they deal with.

The sales staff is also second-to-none. They are patient, they do not try to push products on their customers, and they provide helpful information. They make recommendations that are perfectly catered to meet customer needs and never overstepped their bounds.

Overall, the sales and customer support teams at Regal Assets provide huge value to their customers and potential customers alike.

Regal Assets Management Team

Founded by Tyler Gallagher in 2009, this Regal Assets executive is the current acting CEO of the company. He helped grow this company into a major player in the financial services space. They currently have offices in Dubai, London, Toronto, and Beverly Hills.

Other executives on the Regal Assets management team include:

  • Amine Rahal (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Leah Donoso (President)
  • Dylan Gallagher (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Joshua Donoso (Vice President)
  • Stepan Simonyan (General Manager)
  • Erika Rich (Director of Operations)

Besides this incredible executive team, Regal Assets also employs 54 in-house employees. They work out of their four offices in the US, UK, Canada, and Dubai.

Regal Assets Contact Information

  • Address: 280 South Beverly Drive, 5th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
  • Telephone: 1-855-906-5964
  • Regal Assets Website:
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7am-6pm PST Friday: 7am to 5pm PST