If you pay attention to the financial markets you know that things aren’t good. The major stock market indices recently dropped 10% in 3 days! Oh boy does that market crash fast! And the financial picture in the US is dismal at best. 

Is your money safe? Is your retirement future secure? Not likely if it’s completely tied up in the inflated US dollar.

Although Bitcoin has pulled back because of a broad market selloff, it’s safer than staying fully invested in US currency. Why? The US dollar is in shambles. And the US economy isn’t far behind. The United States has to borrow money to keep the economy afloat. It’s in dangerous territory and it can crumble at any moment.

Enter cryptocurrency…

This investment is the truest safe haven from a failing US economy. It’s even more potent than investing in gold and silver. Why? It isn’t regulated by big governments or major corporations. It isn’t tied into the European Central Bank or the Federal Reserve. It’s its own entity that operates outside of these other regulated currencies.

Why is that important?

You don’t have to worry about the US government or another country stepping in and taking control. The blockchain system was designed to prevent this from ever happening. No one could ever take control of this currency based on the way that it set up. It guarantees protection from unscrupulous governments looking to steal your wealth out from under you.

But you may know that already. Or maybe you don’t. Regardless, we’ll take a much closer look at everything you need to know about a cryptocurrency IRA below.

The Definition of a Cryptocurrency IRA

A cryptocurrency IRA is special because it lets investors purchase Bitcoin and other cryptos for retirement savings. You’ll open a self-directed IRA through a qualified broker. This will allow you to purchase alternative investments to grow and improve your retirement account. Other alternative investments include purchasing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and real estate investments.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency IRA focuses strictly on cryptocurrency investments. But if you would like to continue investing in traditional investments, you’ll need to maintain separate accounts.

Many investors appreciate the cryptocurrency IRA because it allows them to diversify their retirement portfolio. Although many look at this as a high risk investment, it’s actually safe and stable. It’s also much less volatile than the stock market if you’ve been paying attention.

Opening a cryptocurrency IRA is very easy. You’ll need to connect with one of the best cryptocurrency IRA companies doing business today. I’ve reviewed my favorite cryptocurrency brokers, so please visit my review page to learn more about my top recommended choices.

How Should I Open My Cryptocurrency IRA?

This all comes down to personal wants and needs. Maybe you have an old 401(k) account with a previous employer sitting there collecting dust. You can initiate a rollover or transfer (depending on your situation) and put this money to good use. Or you can contact a cryptocurrency dealer on the web and open a retirement account from scratch.

No one knows your personal situation better than you. Does a rollover make the most sense based on your current financial needs? Then you should initiate a rollover with the help of a highly qualified crypto broker. Or are you opening a retirement account for the first time? The crypto dealer will open the account on your behalf. And you can fund it with money in your checking or savings account.

No matter which method you choose, just know that you’re taking steps to protect your financial future. Cryptocurrency is here to stay for good reason. It’s safe, protected from outside intervention, and it’s incredibly valuable. Your investments will grow like weeds over the long term with this powerful retirement strategy. Read more about the top cryptocurrency IRA companies by checking out my detailed review page.

The Biggest Advantages of Opening a Cryptocurrency IRA

Just like any investment, there are major benefits to opening a cryptocurrency IRA. Gleaming a better understanding of them helps you gain knowledge and information to make informed decisions about your investments. The most important advantages of opening a cryptocurrency IRA include:

  • Major tax advantages – a cryptocurrency IRA is very similar to a traditional IRA as far as the tax incentives are concerned. With either of these IRA accounts, you can experience benefits by earning tax-free or tax-deferred gains. But the added bonus of a Bitcoin IRA is the additional portfolio diversification. Not only can you purchase crypto through this IRA, you can also buy precious metals and other alternative investments.
  • Take full control of your portfolio – by opening a cryptocurrency IRA, you’re putting yourself in control of your retirement account future. No longer are you reliant upon an account manager or fund manager to choose your investments. You can invest in all types of cryptocurrencies depending on your particular wants and needs. Your options include investing in Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and all other major cryptocurrencies.
  • Decentralized currency – government policies and central-bank manipulation have a tendency to alter the value of traditional currencies. The US dollar is completely controlled by the Federal Reserve and the US government. The European Central Bank controls the euro. You do not want to remain controlled by governments that no longer have your best interest at heart. You need to free yourself from the shackles of traditional currencies. Investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your IRA account is the best way to accomplish this task.
  • Cryptocurrencies are available in limited supply – as an example, Bitcoin will only ever have 21 million Bitcoins available throughout its existence. The supply is intentionally limited to prevent inflation from ever rearing its ugly head. This bodes well for investors because once all 21 million Bitcoins are mined, they will become incredibly valuable. The long term value of Bitcoin and other types of crypto is tremendous. Remember, the shorter the supply the greater the demand. Once this supply reaches its maximum peak, people will pay large amounts of money to obtain Bitcoin. Your investments will grow tremendously as we lead up to this point.
  • Cryptocurrency doesn’t follow the stock market – this is important because crypto will not necessarily crash along with the stock market. It’s also free from correlating with the US dollar and other currencies. This means it acts independently from other financial assets. While the US dollar goes down in value, the value of crypto will not necessarily follow. The same holds true with the stock market and other investment vehicles.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to investing in a cryptocurrency IRA. Please take a moment to read through my reviews of the top cryptocurrency IRA companies doing business right now. You’ll gain valuable insights that will help you choose the best crypto broker to meet your needs.

Never Fear Economic Downturns Again

Right now, the financial world looks grim. Take off your rose colored glasses for a moment and really begin to see things clearly. In March and April 2020, more than 41 million US residents lost their full-time jobs. And many other millions of Americans had their hours cut to part-time employment.

The United States was forced to provide economic stimulus to keep the country afloat. But right now the Republicans and Democrats cannot come to an agreement about further stimulus. Without additional stimulus, the country is going to fall apart in many areas from the top down.

Areas that are about to become seriously affected by the recession caused by the coronavirus include:

  • Small business closures
  • Credit card defaults
  • Mortgage defaults
  • Restaurants are going out of business
  • Tourism is at a complete standstill
  • Movie theaters just opened for the first time in six months
  • Americans are afraid to spend ample time outside the home

Guess what? All of this negativity leads to one simple fact. The US dollar is in serious trouble. Inflation is about to hit an all-time high. The government must continue to borrow and print money to stay afloat. Before long, you’ll be paying $10 just to buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk.

Here’s another scenario…

You move the bulk of your worth away from the US dollar and invest in cryptocurrency. Keep enough traditional currency on hand to pay for day-to-day expenses. But minimize your exposure to traditional currencies altogether. You’ll never have to worry about suffering from US dollar inflation if you take it out of the equation.

And the best way to remove yourself from the equation is to invest in a cryptocurrency IRA. You’ll be happy as a clam after you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your financial future.

The Next Step

I’ve reviewed three of the best cryptocurrency IRA companies doing business today. I vetted them from top to bottom and provided a full and detailed review of each company. To read a smaller review of all three companies at the same time, please visit this page. You’ll discover my thoughts and feelings about each of these cryptocurrency IRA brokers and my recommendations as well.