The coronavirus has invaded the world and it hasn’t finished wreaking havoc on all of us. Not only will it eventually kill hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, it’s also destroying the world economy. 

Are you prepared for the economic fallout? Most people aren’t.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the financial markets are being destroyed right now. Not just in America either. They are being hammered across the globe.

Let’s not forget about business. With stay-at-home orders and lockdowns in place, companies are forced to slam shut their doors and keep their windows shuttered until the most damaging effects of the coronavirus passes.

Are your retirement accounts losing value? Or are you one of the lucky few who haven’t begun investing for their financial future? Either way, it’s time to make moves to put an end to the economic insanity currently sweeping the entire world.

Gold is the one solid investment during times of economic uncertainty. Opening a precious metals IRA is the best thing to can do right now. 

If you’ve wondered, “Is gold a good investment in 2020,” the answer is yes. The time is right to hedge your bets against traditional investments while earning massive returns at the same time.

Physical Gold Is the Best Hard Times Insurance Policy on the Planet

You may wonder, “What is a hard times insurance policy?” Well, it isn’t an official policy offered by insurance companies. Far from it.

On the contrary, it’s a great way to gain and maintain value while many others are falling on hard luck.

It’s impossible to prepare for unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. But you can alter your course now and still reap big rewards.

Hard times can come in many forms. At this time, it’s coming in the form of a deadly virus that’s sweeping across the world. At other times, it consists of geopolitical unrest, power struggles, world wars, and other big events that take place on the world stage.

The beauty of owning physical precious metals in a gold IRA is it gains value while financial markets fall. The value of gold has gone up more than $100 per ounce in the past three weeks. And it’s gained 22.75% in the past year.

While the world’s financial markets fall into complete disarray, gold is the one shiny bright spot to focus on. And many investors use it as a safe haven play during difficult markets.

For regular investors, this means making big gains relatively quickly. Institutional investors take their money out of the stock market and buy gold because it’s a safe bet. This drives up the price and creates massive value for intelligent investors like you to exploit to your advantage.

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Physical Gold Maintains Liquidity

What happens if our financial situation gets even worse? What happens if the US dollar sinks so low that it becomes valueless? What happens if people only trade using gold and other precious metals after countries began to fall?

Owning gold is as liquid as it gets. Gold will easily convert into legal tender in other countries around the world. Even better, it’s accepted as legal tender more readily. This is especially true during times of financial crisis.

No one said the sky is falling. It doesn’t look like countries are on the verge of collapsing just yet. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to prepare for this potential eventuality.

Take steps to prevent a personal financial meltdown. Purchase gold and store it in your self-directed precious metals IRA vault. This style of investing grants accountholders tax-free financial gains, which they can use to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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Physical Gold Is the Ultimate Form of Diversification

Investors undoubtedly wish they diversified their portfolio before the recent stock market meltdown. While not necessarily a total collapse, many financial markets have lost more than 30% of their value. Proper diversification could have prevented such a massive loss.

As an investor, it’s essential to focus on risk management while creating a strong portfolio. You need to hedge your bets in some situations to protect your downside risk.

As an example, did you know that gold and other precious metals gain value during financial recessions? The world was forced to enter into a financial recession because of the coronavirus. And the stock market reflects this new norm, which is why it has lost so much value recently.

Some investors saw the writing on the wall and took steps to protect their financial well-being. They opened a gold IRA account and began heavily investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Why did they invest in precious metals? Read the recent gold and silver price charts to see the brilliance in their decision. Gold prices have skyrocketed recently for the very reason mentioned above.

The stock market is tanking big time. And gold is rising in value accordingly, just like it always does during a recession. Savvy investors paid attention to China in late 2019 and recognized the virus’s threat to the world economy. 

They used this catalyzing event to limit their exposure to the stock market while increasing their ownership of physical gold. And they did it through gold IRA investing to make large tax-free gains the best way they know how.

Physical Gold Is a Hedge against Inflation

At certain times, the buying power of the US dollar decreases. This creates inflation and the weak dollar continues its negative relationship with the price of gold.

Recently the US government decided to print $2 trillion to pay stimulus checks to its citizens and businesses because of the coronavirus crisis. While this is a nice gesture to help people who are struggling, it ultimately leads to a weaker US dollar.

Remember, the more money in print, the less value and buying power each dollar has. By the United States printing trillions of dollars – even more depending on length of the crisis – they’ve weakened your wealth.

You do not have to take inflation lying down. You do not have to settle for less if you prefer not to. You can become a shrewd investor and limit your exposure to cash. And the best way to do so is through gold IRA investing.

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Physical Gold Is in Increasing Demand

Over the past five years, powerhouse countries like China and Russia continue to stockpile gold. The demand has never been greater for this bright and shiny commodity. India and its 1.3 billion people also consume large amounts of gold.

Why is gold in such high demand? Some reasons include:

  • Jewelers use it to make jewelry
  • People use it as legal tender
  • Businessmen use it during trading
  • Goldsmiths use it to make medals and statues
  • Doctors and dentists use it in medicine and dentistry
  • It’s used in computer electronics
  • Investors use it in investing
  • Bankers use it as loan collateral
  • It’s used in mobile phones
  • It’s used in food and drink

As you can see, gold clearly has a wide array of uses. That’s why so many people and powerful countries are fond of this precious metal.

Guess what? Gold will continue to go up in value as the economy suffers from the coronavirus outbreak. At this stage of the game, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if gold topped $2000 an ounce in six months’ time.

Are you ready to make the most of this unique opportunity? Forget about living in fear while self-isolating at home. Remain physically protected but also remain vigilant about your financial health and well-being.

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Physical Gold Suffers from Supply Constraints

On the surface, this might seem negative because less supply means it’s harder to buy gold. But the supply constraints are definitely a good thing for investors.

Why? Gold production is down across the board and annual mining output falls each year. There’s less gold available in the existing mines. This means we’ll need to bring new mines into production, which could take a minimum of 5 to 10 years.

With less supply there is greater demand for gold. This increasing demand raises gold prices. Couple this with the falling stock market and geopolitical uncertainty and you have a recipe for rising gold prices. Who knows when it’s going to stop going up in value?

Bottom Line

It’s time to take a stand and finally take steps to protect your financial well-being. Your family is depending on you during this crazy time.

Will you drop the ball and continue to let your financial health and well-being dwindle? Or will you hedge your bets against this devastating recession and open a self-directed gold IRA? The answer is obvious.

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