The world is currently facing a tremendous financial crisis. Unemployment figures in the United States have risen by more than 30 million people in the past two months. Stores are forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak. Office buildings are no longer filled with workers determined to make their company more successful. And many of these businesses aren’t going to survive the enforced shutdown.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the US is in the midst of a serious crisis. There’s only one crisis currency to invest in if the worst were ever to happen. That currency is silver. It’s an alternative investment that everyone should own when the signs of imminent crisis are knocking down your door.

Why is it such an important investment right now? Simply put, when people wonder, “is silver a good investment?” I can say with full conviction that I believe in this alternative currency for the following reasons:

  • Silver has real-world value unlike paper currency
  • Silver is a versatile investment
  • Silver is poised to skyrocket in value
  • Silver is much more affordable when compared to gold
  • Silver will remain valuable in a doomsday scenario

US Debt & the Destruction of the US Dollar

The US debt to GDP ratio is currently sitting at 116.74% according to This is astronomically high when compared to the past. 

In 1960, the US debt to GDP ratio was 52.93%. As you can see, that’s more than 50% lower than the current ratio. And it’s only going to get worse as the US borrows more money to pump out further economic stimulus.

Do you see what’s happening here? The US government keeps printing more money to stabilize an ailing economy. And based on the last 60 years of history, borrowing this additional money will help in the short-term. But the US doesn’t spend much time trying to pay back its debts. In fact it just keeps growing and growing and growing.

When is the economic bubble finally going to burst? Will the coronavirus crisis put it over the edge? All I know is that at some point in the near future, the US dollar will undoubtedly become toilet paper. It doesn’t stand a chance at survival when we’re nearly $25 trillion in debt and looking to print more.

The more the government prints new bills, the less valuable the US dollar becomes. Instead of spending $2 per gallon for gas, you’ll spend $5, or $10, or even more as things get worse.

How to Protect Yourself from the Destruction of the US Dollar

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement. You’ve busted your butt your entire life and socked away enough money to live comfortably in your golden years. Are you going to let our cavalier government throw all of your hard earned wealth away?

It’s time to step up and make some moves. It’s time to open a silver IRA account. By moving your retirement money into silver, you’ll protect your wealth from the ailing US dollar. And while times are tough, silver’s value will continue to rise and provide even more growth for your retirement portfolio.

The best way to move away from the US dollar and toward silver is through a precious metals IRA. Why is this option the right course of action? Silver is a great investment because:

  • It’s a great option for portfolio diversification
  • It is an excellent hedge against inflation
  • It’s the most affordable precious metal available today
  • It gains greater value than gold during difficult economic times
  • It likely won’t be confiscated by the US government as the crisis worsens
  • It’s actual real currency with thousands of years of history
  • It’s the definitive insurance policy
  • It has hundreds of uses in medical and industrial applications, so it’s more than just a simple currency
  • Its supply chain is very scarce which makes it a hot commodity

It’s time to change your thinking. It’s time to realize that the good faith and trust of the government isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and finally begin protecting your wealth.

Take a moment to read about the top precious metals IRA companies that we’ve reviewed on this website. You’ll learn more about our favorite recommendation Regal Assets as well as nine other excellent companies doing business today. Pick the broker best suited to meet your needs and begin investing right away.

A Dismal US Earnings Season Is Upon Us

Right now, many of the top companies in the US are beginning to report quarterly earnings. As you can imagine, with the coronavirus crisis well in hand, many of these businesses are losing money rapidly.

Whether you pay attention to the markets or not, it’s critical to watch them during this trying time. Why? The imminent stock market crash could lead you to lose even more money in your retirement portfolio.

What happened in March is only a mere blip on the radar. The markets have appeared to somewhat recover but not all is well in the business world. Most companies still have no idea when they’ll finally get back to work. They have no idea whether or not they’re going to turn a profit this year. As long as this virus continues to hang around, business is not going to take place as usual.

More often than not, the stock market will lose value and then begin to recover right before the real crash. Although the markets have bounced back from their lowest lows in March 2020, things could very well get much worse. And they possibly will since the economy is on a roller coaster ride that’s spinning out of control.

The Future of Your Wealth During the Coronavirus Crisis

Future guidance is impossible to predict at this time. Companies have no idea how to determine where they’ll stand in the next three months, six months, or through the end of the year. 

Are they going to get back to work soon? Or will the coronavirus continue to prevent businesses from operating as usual? Nobody knows yet and that’s the scariest thing of all taking place right now throughout the world.

Will you have a job soon? Or is your company going to fall? Is your 401(k) going to fold up while you lose all your money? These are questions that nobody can answer right now.

Only one thing is certain during times of economic crisis. Precious metals continue to gain value while stocks, bonds, treasury bills, ETFs and currencies plummet. The outcome is grim for traditional investments. Alternative investments like those in a silver IRA will rise in value throughout these trying economic times.

Take this information seriously if you do nothing else. Even if you aren’t betting on a US economic collapse, at least open a silver IRA as a hedge. Invest 10% or 20% of your wealth in physical silver because you may need it someday. And you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have it.

Why Silver Is a Great Investment During the Financial Crisis

Most people believe that gold is the currency that’s been around the longest but they’re wrong. Silver has been in circulation for over 3000 years and it’s used by civilizations far and wide.

Believe it or not the word silver translates to money in many languages. People throughout history tend to store their gold and save it. Silver, on the other hand, is used as currency to pay for goods and services.

We love silver as an investment opportunity. It’s the one true form of money that has withstood the test of time. You can pay for anything with silver even to this day. No one will turn down this precious metal. In fact, they’ll appreciate it more than the struggling US dollar.

Silver is the best place to store your wealth right now. It’s a great investment for the following reasons:

  • Stock market investors are gravitating toward silver more than ever. The markets are just too volatile right now.
  • Cash is a dying commodity whether you know it or not. Between precious metals and digital currencies like Bitcoin, the US dollar doesn’t possess the same value that it once did.
  • Economic trends look similar to other major financial downturns. The CAPE ratio in the US looks incredibly high at 23.03. If it goes any higher it will look similar to 1929, 2000, in 2007 during major financial market crashes.
  • US national debt is on a freight train to hell and it’s moving at lightning speed. I thought $21 trillion worth of national debt was bad. Then the coronavirus hit. National debt is now nearly $25 trillion and it’s going to get much worse.

All of these negative scenarios point toward positive silver investments. The worst things look, the better precious metals tend to rise in value. Protect yourself and your wealth right away by opening a silver IRA.

How to Choose the Best Silver Company

We’ve made it very easy for you to choose the right precious metals broker. We’ve reviewed the top precious metals IRA companies for you. Read our reviews and learn about these businesses. Choose the company that seems best situated to meet your needs. 

Just do yourself and your family a huge favor and minimize your exposure to the US dollar as soon as humanly possible. Open a precious metals IRA and protect your wealth and your family from complete economic devastation.