As an investor, a few things are happening that should really open your eyes. But these trends only benefit you if you play the market right. The trends that I find fearful yet enticing are leaving many investors scared to death. They include things like:

  • The Federal Reserve is printing trillions of dollars. It’s needed but borrowing from the Fed will continue to devalue the US dollar.
  • The economy is in the toilet. Businesses are closing left and right. Restaurants and event-related industries are getting crushed.
  • Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on anything. Americans desperately need help and the powers that be would rather continue fighting instead of helping the citizens they represent.
  • News outlets continue to scare Americans half to death. They drive fear into the hearts of men and women each day. They scare us with Coronavirus updates, Black Lives Matter and White Nationalist protests, police shootings, and other dangerously terrifying situations.

Driven by Financial Destruction

Right now, after reading the list above you probably think I’m crazy. Why would I think all of this chaos and anarchy is exciting? Well, in truth it’s harmful, dangerous, and it’s going to hurt millions of Americans and people around the globe. 

So I’m not in love with the financial devastation and destruction taking place. But I do see the most unique opportunity unfolding. While all of this financial destruction is happening, the prices of gold, silver, and Bitcoin are going parabolic!

You see it and I see it. You recognize the true potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at this point. And you fear potentially losing too much of your net worth to the failing US dollar. It’s time to make a change to protect and preserve your wealth. Investing in Bitcoin is the answer.

What Not to Do When Investing in Bitcoin

Before I share my best Bitcoin investment strategy in 2020, I’d like to talk aboutinvestment strategies to avoid. Most people swear by the three strategies that I’m about to share with you below. And the truth of the matter is simple: they are legitimate ways to buy cryptocurrency. But they aren’t the best way. So keep that in mind.

3 Investment Strategies to Avoid When Investing in Bitcoin

It’s really very easy to buy Bitcoin these days. In fact, it’s so easy that some people feel there are too many options. They quickly become overwhelmed by the excessive amount of choice.

I’d like to help end your anxiety surrounding this investment strategy today. Although I’m about to tell you ways to avoid buying Bitcoin, I’d like to share my favorite strategy as well. My one and only recommendation is opening a Bitcoin IRA. By initiating the account creation process for a cryptocurrency IRA, you are taking control of your financial future. 

You’ll harness your knowledge and intuition to improve your financial lot in life. And you’ll capitalize on the power of compounding interest and tax-free or tax-deferred retirement account growth.

So begin researching cryptocurrency IRA companies right now. Read my review of top crypto companies doing business and consider my #1 choice Regal Wallet. They have the best customer service, an impeccable reputation and reviews, and they’ll even send you a free investor’s kit. So check them out without delay.

Getting back to the investment strategies to avoid…

1. Disregard Investing in Crypto through a Stock Trading Account

I’m not going to lie because that’s not my style. Opening a Robinhood or Webull account is simple. They’ll accept anyone no matter what. You can have little to no investing experience and they’ll give you an account. Just fund it and you can begin trading or investing as soon as your deposit clears. And if you open a margin account you’ll get access to $1000 on Robinhood instantly.

This is a bad idea. Do you want to know why? It’s too easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency investments. Remember, these things are going to fluctuate and you have to live with it. But you might scare yourself out of the investment too. 

If Bitcoin drops $500 in value as soon as you enter the trade, fear might set in and you’ll immediately sell for a loss. What a waste of your hard earned money! You have to kill the day trader mentality. Why? The odds aren’t in your favor. It’s common knowledge that 90% of day traders lose, and many lose big. Don’t become a statistic. Be prepared to buy and hold for the long term.

Guess what? The best way to invest long term isn’t in a brokerage account. Not even a little bit. All long term investors need to make the tax laws work in their favor. And the only way to achieve this aim is through Bitcoin IRA investing.

So get off your butt and call or sign up with Regal Wallet today. They’ll hook you up with a self-directed IRA that puts you in control of your finances. And it will protect you from inflation, the broken US dollar, and other economic mishaps ripping us apart today.

2. Forget Buying Crypto on Coinbase Pro

Are you planning on trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin actively? You’ll love Coinbase Pro if this fits in with your desired strategy. It’s risky as hell and you could lose your shirt but it’s your money and your decision.

Why choose this platform? It was created for day traders. But it’s not for day traders trying to steal a couple of bucks here and there on the stock market. It’s set up for active Bitcoin day traders to thrive, or at least attempt to make money with short-term trades.

This strategy depends on luck. You have to time your entries and exits perfectly if you’re going to succeed as a Bitcoin day trader. Do you know how to read charts? Do you understand technical analysis? And do you know how to track volatility? Without proper knowledge you could get creamed day trading cryptocurrencies. You may end up losing your drawers if you aren’t careful.

How about changing your thinking? Forget about the daily price swings and trying to time the market. If you start thinking for the long-term and take advantage of tax-deferred or tax-free strategies you’ll succeed. And you’ll create a thriving Bitcoin IRA account that continues to grow year after year. Before long you’ll have a bigger investment account than you ever imagined possible.

Forget about day trading away your future. Forget about trying to capture small moves and little bits of money. Contact Regal Wallet to find out how to get started opening a cryptocurrency IRA immediately.

3. Drop the Bitcoin ATM Slot Machine Mentality

Buying Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM isn’t like playing a slot machine. You’ll use a Bitcoin ATM to either buy or sell more Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. But you must have a Bitcoin ATM within the vicinity of your home or office to take advantage of this opportunity. There are only 3000 of these ATMs in existence, which isn’t that many if you think about it.

The efficient way to invest in Bitcoin is through a cryptocurrency IRA. Contact a broker at Regal Wallet and they’ll begin the account set up process. They’ll walk you through everything holding your hand every step of the way. They’ll help you fund your account, help you make your first purchases, and set you up on a successful path.

My Favorite Way to Invest in Bitcoin: Opening a Cryptocurrency IRA

I’ve shared enough about Regal Wallet and other Bitcoin IRA brokers at this point. So you possess a little knowledge on this topic already. It doesn’t take a genius to contact a cryptocurrency broker to begin the account creation process. You do not a mathematics degree or investing experience to start this process. And it’s easy and there’s nothing scary about it so lay your fears to rest right now.

As you know, my favorite Bitcoin IRA broker is Regal Wallet. So I’m going to teach you how to open a crypto IRA on their website. Simply visit through my link and consider a few choices from this point forward.

3 Options to Open a Regal Wallet Cryptocurrency IRA Account

  • If you want more information, provide your first and last name, email address, and phone number in the contact form. They’ll send you a free Crypto IRA Kit and free DVD called “The Rise of Bitcoin.”
  • If you’d like to talk to an account representative, call the 800 number at the top of the screen. You’ll immediately connect with an account representative who can answer your questions and walk you through the sign-up process.
  • If you’d like to get started online, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the big green button that says “Open Your Crypto IRA.” Follow the on-screen instructions on the next page.

Bottom Line

It’s very easy to open a cryptocurrency IRA. There’s really nothing to it because the sign-up process and account creation is so simple.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the three cryptocurrency pitfalls that we shared with you today. Consider your long-term future and make the most of the tax benefits granted to you by the IRS. And contact Regal Wallet right now to open your Bitcoin IRA as soon as possible.