Having a diversified portfolio is more critical than ever. Although they are beginning to bounce back, worldwide stock markets were getting slaughtered recently. Businesses have shuttered their doors, laid off most of their employees, and pray the coronavirus problem resolves soon.

Investing in a retirement portfolio is critical yet very scary right now. Some investors have lost as much as 30% or 40% of their retirement wealth. Other investors took a hit on the stock market side, but didn’t suffer as much due to other investments. They had diversified portfolios with precious metals, municipal bond funds, and cryptocurrencies.

Over the past week, Bitcoin has gained more than 4% in value. Do you know how hard it is to gain 4% in this environment? It’s nearly impossible. 

And stocks had a decent week and seem poised to close on a high note. But our financial troubles are just beginning. There is only so much stimulus to go around. With businesses closed indefinitely, the recent stock market gains aren’t going to last.

At this stage, every portfolio should include a cryptocurrency IRA. Besides the economic turmoil, it’s just a solid investment. And even more important, crypto is the wave of the future. It’s where money is heading when we finally shed our dependence on ineffective paper assets.

With that said, we’ll now take a look at a few key reasons why a cryptocurrency IRA is in demand now more than ever.

1. The Potential for Big Returns Is Tremendous

The beauty of cryptocurrency IRA investments is the relatively short amount of time that it has existed. Bitcoin is only around for the past 11 years. The next hot cryptocurrency named Ethereum has only existed since mid-2015. And most other cryptocurrencies fall along this same timeline.

Why am I sharing this information with you? To put it bluntly, this investment is still in its infancy. But at the same time, it has enough history to show us that crypto isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay and it’s only going to get more popular as time passes.

Since it’s so relatively new, the potential to gain quick returns at high percentages is ripe for the taking. On average, you’re blessed if you make 4% per year on your stock market investments. If you catch a cryptocurrency at the right time, you can gain 100% or more if you’re lucky.

I’m not trying to say that crypto is an automatic huge moneymaker. Far from it since its less volatile now than ever before. But the opportunity for crypto to go nuclear exists, so having exposure in your portfolio is definitely a good thing.

The best strategy for any style of investing is to hold for the long-term. Bitcoin is trading at about $7000 per coin right now. That may seem like a lot of money and it is. But it has the potential to reach $20,000 or more on the upside. If you buy in now, you could potentially triple your investment very quickly.

2. Economic Downturns Aren’t Nearly As Damaging to Cryptocurrency

There’s no denying that we are in a massive economic downturn right now. It had to happen because we need to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We are trying to save lives and in the process we unfortunately sacrificed the economy.

While the stock market took a major hit, the cryptocurrency prices haven’t faltered nearly as bad. I’m not trying to say they weren’t affected because it isn’t true. In fact, Bitcoin was trading in the $4800 per coin price range not that long ago. But it bounced all the way back to over $7000 per coin and it’s poised to rise higher.

It’s nearly impossible to predict when things will get back to normal. The United States experienced a 10 year bull market on the stock market which is relatively unheard of. So that market is likely going to stay cooled off for quite a while. And because of the economic slowdown, your traditional retirement portfolio investments will suffer for the time being.

It’s time to begin minimizing your strict exposure to the US dollar and traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Those investments are great and I’m not trying to knock them in the least. But they will feel pain for a while because nobody can predict where the economy is headed right now. The only thing we know for sure is that it’s completely shut down all around the world.

3. The Future Looks Favorable

According to many of today’s top investment advisors, they believe Bitcoin and other types of crypto have a rosy future. In fact, many had plenty of favorable things to say about this style of investing. Some of the positive sentiment includes:

  • The Federal Reserve stimulus should push Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies higher. Believe it or not, instead of borrowing money to pay for the most recent stimulus, the Fed decided to print more cash. This diluted the US dollar even further while making it more inflated and less valuable. On the other hand, crypto remains flat. A certain amount of cryptocurrency is produced regularly and once it hits its limit it stops. No more new crypto. This makes it rare and more valuable than the US dollar, the UK pound, and other paper currencies.
  • The Federal Reserve is creating massive levels of inflation. By printing money to pay for the United States economic woes, the US is substantially increasing their monetary base. This is what leads to inflation and totally debases the US dollar. Fortunately for cryptocurrency, it does not operate on the same scale. Only fiat currencies suffer from this type of massive inflation. Bitcoin and other types of crypto will remain steady and stable because they’re essentially inflation proof and immune to manipulation from parasitic third parties.
  • Emerging markets will play a huge role in the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies. In fact, many countries around the world are beginning to use this currency to complete online transactions. With greater smart phone usage and currencies being devalued around the globe, it’s no surprise that the citizens of the world are adopting crypto more often these days. Countries like Kenya, India, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, and others are all beginning to jump on the bandwagon.
  • Financial institutions are finally jumping into the fray. In the past, some financial institutions were avoiding blockchain technologies altogether. But things are changing and more financial institutions are beginning to adopt this currency. They are predominantly sticking to Ether and Bitcoin, the top currencies in this space. But that could change in the near future. Major Financial institutions now see how easy it is to buy and sell with digital currency.
  • The rise of e-commerce definitely bodes well for cryptocurrencies. As more and more people begin making a living online, they’ll begin to trade with Bitcoin, Ether, and the like. Why would they adopt digital currencies as opposed to traditional money? Transaction fees are costly when accepting credit cards and debit cards. Crypto fees are practically nonexistent. And transactions take days to process in the current monetary system. Cryptocurrency transactions process in a matter of seconds on the blockchain.

4. It’s Really Easy to Open and Invest in a Bitcoin IRA

As you continue to develop a diversified portfolio, you begin to see the value in investing in cryptocurrency. Not only is it potentially lucrative, it’s also incredibly simple to get started.

Some investors shy away from opportunities because they seem too complicated and difficult to follow. Nothing could be further from the truth regarding opening a Bitcoin IRA. In fact, with the right broker you can begin the sign-up process immediately.

All in all, we’ve reviewed a few key cryptocurrency IRA companies on our website. But we only recommend one named Regal Wallet. We aren’t here to tell you what to do. That’s your choice. But we do recommend reading our reviews of the top crypto brokers in this space.

After you’re through, you can visit the website of your cryptocurrency broker of choice. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for more information or begin opening your cryptocurrency IRA account. But just know that simplicity is the name of the game and opening an account is very easy.

5. Governments Can Never Step in to Manipulate the Value of Crypto

Have you ever noticed how big governments love to stick their noses where they don’t belong? Do you realize that the Fed is more powerful most countries in the world? Yet they can change the trajectory of the value of the US dollar in a heartbeat.

It’s time to take power away from the US government and the Federal Reserve. It’s time to remove power from China, Russia, and other worldwide superpowers. It’s time to put the people back in control of our own fate.

By supporting Bitcoin, you are supporting your own sovereign future. You are taking steps to gain your independence from corrupt governments, big businesses, and the greedy pigs ruling over the banks of the world.

It feels good, right?

Take Steps to Create a Diversified Portfolio Today

Stop getting beat over the head by an unforgiving stock market. Stop watching your retirement accounts lose 40% of their value in a few weeks. Invest in a cryptocurrency IRA and change your financial future for the better. Limit your exposure to the US dollar and the terrifying financial markets. And feel freedom like you’ve never felt it before. Read our reviews of the top cryptocurrency IRA companies doing business today and expand your financial horizons.